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What is the best disabled dating site? Success Stories Play a Part!

What is the best disabled dating site? Success Stories Play a Part!

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So, do you fear stepping into the big wide world with your physical weakness as a company? Are you skeptical in getting to know people on a much personal level? Well, treat your problems like a tiny box of worms. Tossing it away is no big deal!

My suggestion – step up your game by doing a little online dating first.

Touring around in a wheelchair is not easy. I’ve seen close ones struggling to be social. Any idea why? Well, if their own disability wasn’t enough, people around keep sympathizing about how gruesome it is to lose a limb or suffer from cognitive weakness! But hey, you’ve got to learn how to ignore unwanted attention and sympathy. They are just roadblocks that keep you away from a happy exciting life. Don’t believe? How about trying your luck at a good dating site, designed only for the disabled?

I pushed Stephanie to give it a shot and come out of the hole she’s been dwelling in since ages for once at-least! Oh by the way, Stephanie is a close friend who’s targeted with deafness since birth! Disabled dating sites are no discrimination, just in case you were thinking about it. It is a forum for people with disabilities and weaknesses. An attempt to give you a chance to live life like ordinary people and enjoy every bit of it! From relationships to friendship and association, nothing should be a bar! Luckily, there are myriads of sites to try out. However the question that springs up amidst all this is – what is the best disabled dating site you must try?

Frankly, most sites cater the same goal – help people meet, chat and make good relations. Even then, there are a few crucial tips you must keep in mind before picking a good dating site.

  1. Get your preferences fixed first – You are the best judge of yourself. Ask yourself a few questions before stepping in. Wondering what these Q’s might be? Well, here’s a hint:

– Are you an extrovert or introvert?

– Does the idea of meeting people in person excite you or are you more comfortable chatting online?

– Serious relationship, casual flings or healthy dating – what is it you would like to try first?

– Are you a reserved personality, especially when it comes to interaction with people face-to-face?

Knowing answers to these questions will help you bring your “A” game forward. As in Stephanie’s case, she’s obviously very reserved as she has a difficulty in hearing. So while she’s a Rockstar in chat rooms, it takes her a lot of time to prep before she’s on a date live with a person she’s crazy about.

  1. Chalk out a wish list – As I told you, you are no different from the rest in world, make your very own wish list. What is the type of man or woman who entices you most? Is there a trait you are exclusively looking for? Write it down!
  2. Match makers that are popular for putting up best matches in town – What is the best disabled dating site? Well, you’ve got to a little groundwork to learn about that! Ask your friends, read blogs or try discussing in forums, getting schooled about the popular dating sites for the disabled is no problem.


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