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Web Development – Breathe Deep

Web Development – Breathe Deep

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Web Development – Breathe Deep

Can your website breathe?

Think for a moment about your body and how it operates when you breathe. Air is inhaled, filling the lungs with oxygen and allowing that oxygen to recharge your blood cells as it cycles through your system. As you exhale the depleted waste called Co2 is forced from the lungs as the body waits for another round of oxygen.

Most people don’t even have to think about breathing, it just happens. It is an involuntary action that we have the ability to control.

In essence when you sleep your body will breathe on its own without your consciously thinking about breathing. However, when you’re in the doctor’s office and he or she asks you to take a deep breath – you can inform your lungs to inhale and then exhale on command. The action of breathing can be both voluntary and involuntary.

So, what does this have to do with web development?

You can design your website to accommodate fluctuations with our without your involvement. The site can be designed to grow and contract easily.

For instance with web builder technology you can add a page that will need to be removed at a very specific time. In other words this page will have an expiration date. This could be a sales page or an event page. If that information remains on the website after the expiration date your visitors may experience a decrease in trust as they find outdated information that is not only useless, but gives the perception that your site is filled with cyber dust.

With quality web builder technology you can assign a day and time that the page should be removed – or a day and time for a new page to be added. Essentially you can develop your site using a disabled dating system that will automatically add new pages when you want and remove them when you want – hands free.

In some sense the term ‘web development’ is indicative of a process that does not require all your time and attention. You can spend quality time in the development of content and then time-release that content so it can have an impact on return visitors. By using an RSS feed you can have that time-released information become a regular calling card for those most interested. You can develop that content when you can and have it release itself while you work on other aspects of your business.

Like breathing, the new material breathes life into the site as the new information is accessed (crawled) by search engines and the old information is expelled (deleted) from the site (or moved to an archive for later reference).

In many cases you can either direct the site pages to either deleted completely or simply be removed from general viewing, but they still remain available to you for use at a later date.

Web development is different than web design in one very specific way. Web design is often a function of personality, looks and expression. Web development is keeping the site personality refreshed and inviting.

Image taken from page 229 of ‘The Half Hour Library of Travel, Nature and Science for young readers’
Image by The British Library
Image taken from:

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Find this item in the British Library catalogue, ‘Explore’.
Open the page in the British Library’s itemViewer (page image 229)
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