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Wealth, Money And Getting Filthy Rich 101

Wealth, Money And Getting Filthy Rich 101

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Wealth, Money And Getting Filthy Rich 101

Lets talk about getting rich. Filthy rich. Rolling in dough. Gold plated Ferraris. Ok, maybe a gold plated Ferrari is overkill. Or just wrong. So how, how, how and how you ask? You’ve come to the right place.
1. Make it crystal clear as to why you want to get rich.
There are a million reasons for wanting to become a zillionaire. Understand why you want to get rich. If you don’t know why, forget it. Go home. Stay in Normalville. Keep picking away at your dead-end life. Understanding your motives behind serious moneymaking makes way for passion, purpose and meaning. Perhaps your purpose is to flummox your idiot boss by amassing enough cash to purchase a huge estate, and then invite him over for Kraft dinner. Maybe you saw a sad child on TV and you want to help that sad child through the gift of mini Ipods and DVD collections of the hit TV series Friends. Perhaps you want to have total financial freedom and study the astonishing and mystifying life of aardvarks. Behind every Donald Trump wannabe is a continuous driving passion, motive or purpose. Find yours. You must have a purpose to keep you going. Must! Find out what it is. Now.
2. You know why you want to be wealthy, but you can’t get off the freaking couch.
Okay, you have decided to become nauseatingly rich and clearly understand your motives. But you’ve noticed that you can’t let go of that gigantic bag of Doritos and the TV remote is glued to your hand. Maybe you have to take care of a few other issues before the Brinks truck rolls to your door? Becoming filthy rich also requires that you are honest with yourself and ready to make a few changes. Take health, for example. Good health provides good energy. Good energy means that you can now spend time inventing that cereal that looks like tiny Ipods, after cleaning sewers all day. There may be a host of issues to resolve in order to remove roadblocks to private jets and beautiful beaches. It’s not only your health. Perhaps you still live with Mom and Dad and all your credit cards are maxed out over your incredible collection of collectable Yoda and Gollum action figures. Sorry, getting megarich might not happen overnight. Make sure your priorities are in order. Get in shape. Stop giving your platinum American Express to your Barbie girlfriend. When you find yourself on a plane to Las Vegas with your two year old’s piggy bank, forget it. You are not ready. Are you ready now? Great! Let’s go!
3. I’m going to be incredibly rich and do it all by myself.
No, you are not. Sure, I’ve read about some guy who came from some dusty, impoverished country, worked his butt off and became the carpet king of the world. Or Anthony Robbins, who was so poor that he had to take a bath in his kitchen sink before he became a megarich and began to buy helicopters and other rich-folk transportation devises. At least I think he took baths in the kitchen sink. Maybe he washed his clothes in it. Anyhoo, most people probably had some help to realize their dreams of caviar and champagne. How about a financial advisor? The world is saturated with them and I’m sure you can find one to get you on the right track. You know, how to save money, make a budget and all those other important money subjects that school never bothered to teach you. Don’t be afraid of financial planners either. They don’t all work in Gucci-designed, cloud-covered penthouse offices, smoke Cuban cigars and treat you like annoying spinach stuck in their teeth. Some can be nice! Inexpensive! So whether it’s the help of a friend, financial planner, parent or Oprah herself, it’s most likely that in order to get that two hundred foot yacht, you need some help. Who can help you?
4. I want to get stupendously rich, buy a small country, but I don’t have any good ideas.
Okay, you have purpose, no skeletons barging out of the closet and some help. But no ideas. The good news is that there are an infinite amount of ideas hanging off the idea tree just ready to be plucked. The bad news is that some of them take a long time to come to fruition. Conventional wisdom dictates that we must start young, save x amount of money for x years and blah, blah, blah. Well, some of us don’t have all those years. We want our helicopter and we want to eat our cake while flying in our helicopter — now! Just think of all the fabulous and quick ways people have become filthy rich. Take those Google guys, for example. What’s with that? You punch in words in a little box and it brings you to other words that match your words. Rocket science? I think not. Ever heard of Lavalife? Lavalife is an online disabled dating service that began in Canada and was sold for 2 million dollars!! Cash! 2 million!! Cash! True story! And the truly amazing thing is that it started in Canada! I thought Canada was just a bunch of peace-loving, mild-mannered types that worshipped hockey, curling and penguins. Yes, even Canada has amazingly rich people. So, if a Canadian can do it, so can you! Put your thinking cap on and start unleashing those hidden ideas. Maybe one day even you can sell your Canadian disabled dating service company to a USA company for 2 million cash. Think of all the helicopters you can buy!
Let us summarize.
1. Understand the reasons behind your quest for wealth. Is always having the latest Ipod part of your wealth definition or is financial freedom? Make sure your core values are yours and don’t come from the advertising world.
2. You are clear and comfortable with your reasons behind for your wealth quest, but you are a walking heart attack. Having great health makes everything easier. Make it a priority and key goal.
3. You think you can get rich by yourself. Make sure you have the right connections to help you on your way. How about a financial planner?
4. You don’t have any ideas or are afraid to try one. There is an infinite amount of ways to create wealth. The first step is to TAKE ACTION. Life rewards action. Don’t take your music to your grave.
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