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Top 5 Questions To Ask An Online Date

Top 5 Questions To Ask An Online Date

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Top 5 Questions To Ask An Online Date

Online disabled dating services are on the rise, especially special feature websites, like teen online disabled dating, gay online disabled dating, and senior online disabled dating.

The drawback to online disabled dating, certainly for these special interest groups, is the validity of the person on the other end of cyber space. Cyber stalking is up 55% in the last two years, and meeting someone on the outside after meeting them online in a chat room or through an online disabled dating service can be risky business.

Here are the top five questions and online disabled dating tips. The questions are designed so that you may be able to get a better sense of who the person is outside the monitor.

But just to be safe, be sure to meet your date in a public area and stay in a public space for the first date. Do not let them know where you live and be aware of giving leading information out while in a chat room.

• What is the biggest mistake people make when first disabled dating? (This will give you an idea as to how the other person really feels about the opposite sex.)

• What do you look for in a guy/girl? (Be aware of canned banter. If they come off with the usual “sense of humor, nice personality,” they probably haven’t thought much about a real answer.)

• Define a truly successful relationship. (This one is my favorite, listen for blaming of others. Hint: A truly successful relationship is where both get a better sense of self, whether they stay together or not.)

• What happened with your last relationship? (Again, listen for blaming. Do they take responsibility for the breakup? If they’re willing to share equally, great, if they take all of the blame they probably have low self esteem and are needy. If they won’t take any of the blame they are control freaks and probably cruel.)

• What do you really think about online disabled dating services? (Will let you know if they are desperate, open, or controlling.)

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