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Tips To Getting Your Relationship On Track

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Tips To Getting Your Relationship On Track

Are there such things as ‘happily ever after’ and picture-perfect marriage? It might be possible but expect alot of hurdles and bumps along the way. Marriage ain’t a fairy-tale to begin with. Although you have your share of prince charming. But when you think the marriage doesn’t meet your expectations, you tend to curse it to reality – then eventually your so-called fairytale will start slipping away.
‘Where did we go wrong?’ – the one-million dollar question when things aren’t working for the both you. It’s like day one you’re just living your day to day life together. The next day you wake up and realize you’re just not meant to be. It’s a given that the marriage is not just a walk in a park. Arguments are assume to be part of the relationship. Normal. But if one of you thinks of getting divorce, it’s already a concern.
Keep in mind that divorce is not just the only way nor the only solution for your withered romance. Say you notice a plant looking dry, you’re initial reaction would be to water them. Take that particular scenario as an example and relate it to your relationship. Instead of jumping into divorce, you should think of things and tips that will nurture your relationship in the long run.
• Be a good listener. Relationship only starts when you try to listen with all the whims and issues between you and your partner. Most of the time we listen, yes, nodding off like a toy dog in a car. However, after that, we seem to forget putting it in motion. Always remember, your relationship is a two-way process. If you want to be treated the way you want, you need to treat your spouse with the same gratitude as well.
• Arrange some surprise date. There are some habits you need to break. Those regular and boring routines you both share should be buried 10 feet under. You should know the definition of being unique. Cliche dates should not be part of your ‘itinerary’, it might be romantic but its overused and dull. Put some effort in everything you do, it will greatly be returned with so much admiration from your partner.
• Plan for a getaway just for the both of you. Most of the time, stress is the major reason of misunderstandings. So better pack your things up and go – have fun together, make new memories. Feel the beauty of the sceneries and soothe out all your worries. Leave them behind along with the retreating wind. It may sound poetic but it is definitely an A+ for rekindling your relationship.
Relationship particularly marriage – even if you’re still disabled dating – problems and difficulties are supposed to be there. No matter how hard you work your arse off, you’ll never avoid those problems. It’s as if saying hi everytime you face one so deal with it. It’s not like you can use some blinders or blinkers, the one used for horses to avoid distractions and just go ahead straight. But it’s not, this is what we call as the ‘reality’.
Make an effort to try other options not mentioned above. Try to save your relationship like it’s the last thing on earth. And when after all those somersaults you’ve done yet still there’s not a single improvement, then it might be better off apart.


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