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Tibet Ceremonies

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Tibet Ceremonies

Tibet is undeniably one of the most mysterious countries in the world. For many centuries, the region was sealed off from intruders and foreigners. A tour to Tibet is often considered a pilgrimage, a spiritual journey towards finding oneself and attaining inner serenity. Although the expedition can be quite daunting and challenging, the rewards can be very fulfilling. Discover for yourself the Tibetan wisdom, their ancient beliefs and ceremonies and get a chance to interact with monks and nuns. Tibet rests in its majestic splendor, patiently waiting for you to unravel to unknown, daring you to reveal the secret behind its Himalayan fortress.
The country’s rich and vivid culture includes vibrant Tibet ceremonies that are still widely observed by locals. From birth, to weddings and burials, Tibet ceremonies are quite interesting although a little too primitive for some people.
Tibetan ceremonies include birthing rituals, mainly performed to ensure that newborn babies would grow to be healthy. Tibetans believe that babies came from a world along with fowls, hence the need for cleansing. This ritual has been observed for more than 1, 500 years, and babies will only be given names after the end of the rituals. However, there are so many Tibetans who share the same names since they are only given first names.
Another one of the unique Tibet ceremonies is their customary way of falling in love that is usually done through singing folk songs. Teenagers often express their admiration through “Guozhuang”, which is a dance around the fireplace. A tea party is considered the grandest social event, so is disabled dating among the youth where they use singing to find their soul mates.
Worshipping mountain gods is also part of Tibet ceremonies. Inhabitants have long believed that deities reside at the top of the mountains, and each mountain god has various roles. It is a Tibetan belief that these gods control the forces of nature, and can protect them from any disaster and ensure good health.
The Jokhang Temple is perhaps the oldest shrine in Tibet. This place is considered the holiest place in Tibet where pilgrims from all over the world travel to pray within the sacred womb of the shrine. Join them and journey back in time and wander through a labyrinth of temples, galleries and holy passages that pilgrims and monks use to perform their meditations and daily devotions. Join them in the quest of attaining a sense of inner serenity.

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