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The Profile That Gets Noticed

The Profile That Gets Noticed

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The Profile That Gets Noticed

If you’ve signed up to be on an online disabled dating site, your profile is what will give you all of the attention that you could ever want. And every site will tell you that there are certain things that other couples look for when choosing to contact someone.
The Pictures
Time and time again, sites and advice columns will tell you that your picture is the best way to get attention on a disabled dating site.
Yes, this is the time to smile for the camera. Or you can just show off some of your ‘finer’ points for other couples.
I actually recommend a sultry pose without a face for a few, and then add your face if someone is asking. This just keeps the seduction going, and you won’t have to worry about running into someone you recognize in the grocery store.
Especially if you reference where you live.
Get out the digital camera and start having fun with your partner. Setting it up on a tripod will be much easier than asking someone to take pictures for you or holding the camera yourself.
Get into some sexy poses and positions. Experiment with a few different kinds of lighting—candlelight, bright lights, and complete darkness all produce vastly different results.
And of course, if you don’t like the pictures, you can always delete them.
Wear some fun clothing or accessories.
Make sure that the picture is clear. This is the time to go for quality. Your pose doesn’t matter if they can’t tell what you are doing.
Being Upfront
Another part of a profile that will get you noticed is how honest you are. And how can someone tell that?
Be specific about your intentions for a swinging relationship. Is this a one time thing, or do you want to explore a longer adventure? Are you into any fetishes or roleplaying scenarios?
When you tell everything that is important to you, then you’ll get responses that suit your desires. And that’s the point.
It’s a pain to sort through a bunch of profiles that don’t meet your expectations. And you’ll get a vast assortment of replies if you don’t reveal the details of your swinging intent.
And you also don’t want to get together and whip out the handcuffs unexpectedly.
Have Fun With It
Your profile is a great way to show your personality and your fun to another person. And since they’ll just be reading it, you want to make sure that it sounds like someone that they would like to meet.
Be playful. Tease. You may find it easier to write something that is geared to your partner first, and then change it around to talk about finding someone else.
Add in details about things that you have done together or are looking to do.
Talk about your fantasies openly.
When you’re writing your profile, take your time to make sure that it talks about everything that you are and everything that you’re looking to experience.
You want to make sure that you are finding people that are compatible with you, but this will only happen if you say it right.

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