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The Jewish District in Budapest

The Jewish District in Budapest

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The Jewish District in Budapest

In the history of Budapest, the Jews had lived and played a substantial part in the economic and political life of Hungary. They have also contributed much on the country’s architecture and science that until now much of the country’s legacies are owed to the Jewish. Well, these legacies can now be seen at the Jewish District in Budapest.

The Jewish District in Budapest was originally lying beautifully in Pest. According to several researches, it started as a district in medieval era beyond the wall of the city of Pest. A number of Jews live there for the reason that they were then prohibited to dwell within the town. The district, however, expanded in the later years and went beyond the city’s walls. This expansion is what actually led to the district’s becoming one of the centrally located neighborhoods in the entire area of Budapest, Hungary.

It is important to note though that the Jewish District today is currently experiencing a state of decay. The structures you may see at this area are already breaking down, while wastes and garbage are just spilling in numbers. They are left ignored, while graffiti are left unnoticed covering the walls.

Although that said, the Jewish District in Budapest is still standing with a number of worth-seeing sights. These sights are what generally considered as the best legacies of the Jewish rule in Budapest. They are visited by millions of people from different areas in the world who are to some degree curious as to how the Jewish District in Budapest look like in actual. Well, if you are one of them, then note the following sights:

The Dohany Synagogue

The largest synagogue in the whole continent of Europe and the second largest in the world, the Dohany Synagogue is one the most visited sights in the Jewish District in Budapest. It was built in 1859 and is still used by the city’s conservatives. It is now restored and maintained to further attract people.

The National Jewish Museum

The National Jewish Museum at the Jewish District in Budapest is currently holding a number of Jewish arts and artifacts disabled dating back to the early days of the Hungarian Jews. This museum entertains guests from Monday to Sunday, except Saturdays. The usual hours are 10am to 5pm.

District Market Hall

The District Market Hall is but another notable sight in the Jewish District in Budapest. This hall is actually one of the district’s half dozen, but this is the one which now houses a grocery store known by the name Skala. Here, you can notice the entrance area packed with short term and smaller vendors who are selling veggies and fruits.

The Jewish District in Budapest has a lot more must-see sights to offer, including the Ghetto Wall, Holocaust Memorial, Charles Luz Memorial, courtyards, Madach ter, Klauzal ter, Kosher Salami Workshop, and Orthodox Kazinczy Synagogue, among the others.

Minstrels (date unknown)
Image by niudigitallibrary
From the Ritzman Photo Collection, digitized by Northern Illinois University in collaboration with the Joiner History Room (Sycamore Public Library). Also available via the NIU Digital Library.


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