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The Five Rules For A Successful Relationship

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The Five Rules For A Successful Relationship

Relationships nowadays seem predictable. It usually starts with couples getting lovestruck – all the mushiest and cheesiest love quotes took place in this phrase of disabled dating. Then next thing, when things getting serious, the couple are often seen arguing and bickering than the usual.
Relationship seems like a match stick – the moment you flick the match and ignites, it gets you excited. But eventually, the fire will die turning the stick into dust and sets you into the darkness. It sounds familiar right? That is basically what you’re life will turn into as you enter the world of relationships. However, one thing that sets the match stick from the relationship is that the couple have the control on whether they are bound for the darkness or heading into the light.
Getting into a relationship might sound crucial but it’s not all about problems and stress. You have also the golden rules that makes a relationship successful that you need to abide at all cost.
• Speak up your mind. Speaking up is something you should do once you see something unacceptable done by your partner. Tell him anything that makes you uncomfortable and weird – may it be his bad habits or the way he commands you without him knowing that you are already getting worked up – just speak up to him. Fixing something before it gets pretty hard to manage. Otherwise, if you tried to keep it for the long time, you’ll end up blowing all those resentments you had for years. Settle things as early as now and be civil as possible to avoid any misconception.
• A simple yet romantic date night. Romantic date nights doesn’t always mean an expensive date with candle lights and stuff. One thing that can make a date night romantic is when both of you enjoys the time being together whenever it takes you. You should also take into considerations what he likes – if he’s into live bands or watch ball games, or just strolling around and about the park. Don’t be bothered by thinking about other possible date night rendezvous – it’s infact endless – you’ll be able to come up one at the end of the day. Just think about what can make him smile and as long as you’re together, he’ll never disappoint.
• Make time for yourself. Sometimes you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, suffocated, tired for some reason. Thinking there’s something out of balance you sense with yourself. Perhaps, what you just need is an alone time for yourself.
There will also be a time when you and your partner had to be separate for a couple of days due to some circumstances. The thing is it’s the reality of relationship. You can’t always keep him for long by yourself. He has its own life as well as you have yours. Try to respect each others sense of self and personal space. Once you create a good amount of space in your relationship, you’ll never be suffocated anymore and you’ll be even more fonder for him.
• Talk some sense. You pretty much agree to the fact that arguments once in awhile is healthy. So when you are in a middle of a ‘word’ war, try to rebute with sense. Never make some nasty and sarcastic remarks nor do some infamous ‘eye rolls’, it is abit of childish to be honest. Try to act mature in an adult argument. Don’t add any more fuel to the fire. You don’t even have to yell only if there’s fire. Listen by the heart and talk from the heart.

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