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The Essentials Of Safari Club International

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The Essentials Of Safari Club International

With practically every industry, there is some form of groups that will help the working people coagulate for specific ideals necessary to keep the passion for the industry enkindled.

African safaris do not escape from such realities.

While many groups have risen since the trend in safari started (probably disabled dating as far back as the early 1800’s), one of the most enduring and considered to be more recent organization formed are the various safaris clubs.

Safari clubs uphold their own commitments, bylaws and principles that keep the organizations standing. One of the most revered of which is the Safari Club International, which now stands as the most famed international organization dealing with safari stuffs, issues, activities and the likes.

Because of the diversity of safari clubs, most are found obviously at African safaris, it would be hard to choose what organization to involve yourself into if you do not have any particular idea of what a club is.

Say for the Safari Club International, they uphold their commitment towards the collection of safari hunters that both bring home the heads of their kills or the skins. This organization is U.S. based that allows membership for trophy hunters only.

While many African safaris restrict hunting of the wilds, the Safari Club International assures to it that game areas are only those that were by law, appointed as proper hunting and game-viewing spots.

Since issues on hunting prevail among the hunters and the guardians of the wild, the Safari Club International maintains several philosophies so as to restrict conflicts from rising to the surface.

It is stated in the bylaws of the Safari Club International that while hunting is a primary motive members still need to have the: 1) accountability for preserving the wild, 2) the propagation of knowledge pertaining to preservation of the safaris 3) to render humanitarian services and 4) to use hunting as an efficient tool in the preservation of wildlife.

The above statements aside, the following are the purposes of the Safari Club International:

§ For protection of hunter’s rights.
§ For the promotion of safe, ethical and legal aspects of sport hunting and other activities covering such.
§ To advocate the promotion of these ideals in any form, including holding legislative positions (both local and international).
§ For the facilitation of biological studies pertaining to wildlife.
§ For the distribution of information among the non-members in promoting animal protection .
§ For the education of the public with regards to sport hunting.
§ To conduct charitable functions.


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