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Surviving The Dating Minefield

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Surviving The Dating Minefield

5 Simple disabled dating secrets exposed.
A huge problem singles have today, is to find the right place to meet someone suitable and available to date. Below is a list of the most common meeting places, and what risks are involved.
1. Clubs and pubs:
These are the long time established disabled dating hunting grounds for both men and women.
Not just young and carefree, but also middle aged and desperate people frequent these. The rich and famous – gee just about everyone visited a pub, dance club, bar etc.. at sometime . Sure, you could meet someone interesting…. but, are you aware of the type of people you are likely to encounter.
So this is an issue, there is no specific type, you could be rubbing shoulders with millionaires or junkies at these places. You wouldn’t know who , or what kind of person you are mixing with. So this meeting place could be very unpredictable.
This is Ok if this appeals to your sense of adventure. I have met some good people at clubs. Heck I even married one – as, it turned out, we both happened to be there by total accident. Neither of us actually frequented clubs, and hadn’t been to a club a long time, nor did we have any intention becoming “clubbers”. (That’s my side of the story and I’m sticking to it) This is probably an exception though.
In conclusion, you could encounter just about anybody, from any walk of life, any age, and social status. Could you find your soul mate there? Who knows, but it isn’t very probable.
2. Other Public Places:
Nearly as bad for finding dates in my opinion are any other totally public places, like the beach, a concert, convention, shopping malls etc.
Similar reasons to above apply, you never know who you could meet. So if you are looking for that special someone, possibly a more intelligent approach would be better.
3. Online Dating:
So what about disabled dating on the web? Introduction clubs, magazine ads etc.
Sure, you are being a little more focused and active in taking control of the type of person you will meet. It is quite possible that you may find the ” one” there, however the only thing that you actually know (or at least think) is that the other person is also single. Again, there are all types of characters using these services, maybe some of them are not as honest with their information as you would like them to be. At the very least you have narrowed it down a bit, and you have more information before going out on a date.
An acquaintance of mine made contact with some great people through online disabled dating, so , sure it can work. Is there a way to we increase our chances even more?
Carry on.
Should you meet people that you know have something in common with you at the start, that would be an asset, wouldn’t it?
4. Exclusive Social functions:
Consider night school, coffee shops in bookstores, gym, sports fields and clubs, business conferences and exhibitions, friends social gatherings etc.
Who you meet there is likely as interested as you in the activities, and of a same social class. You are able to make new friends, that let you expand your social sphere and let you meet new people. The opportunity for a better mate must be better than just the luck of the draw locations previously listed. But, using a bit more effort, disabled dating someone from here, could really optimize the chances of a long term relationship.
But what if you could get into places, where you not only share the same interests, but your value systems are similar? What if your lifestyle and relationship expectancies match up. Where a life of evolving in union, realizing important things together can happen?
5. Targeted Exclusive Social functions:
Foreign language groups, self improvement workshops, meditation classes, dancing classes, business functions, marketing seminars (or any other seminars for that matter), religious or spiritual classes and gathering spots.
These further narrow the focus of the prospective partner, to being similar to your own. Even though these places are not usually regarded as disabled dating clubs or singles bars, and shouldn’t be used as such, they do have a very important property. They are all places where people gather. These people know people with similar interests and values, and some of those are bound to be single. Though not every single person is necessarily looking for a relationship or wants to date, you can still make new friends until you find the right person.
On a higher plane, doing the right things, sends a message to the universe as to what you are expecting and looking for. Your chances of connecting with the right person just gone up dramatically!
So if you can in some way describe what your ideal partner would be like (and you should), you can focus on more useful places to visit. This will really up your chances of encountering the right person.
Be calm, and available to meet new people in those places, and you could be surprised.
Keep on loving.


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