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Romantic Weekends- Location Location Location

Romantic Weekends- Location Location Location

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Romantic Weekends- Location Location Location

Whether you are newly married, have been married for a long time, or are seriously disabled dating someone special there are many ways to plan the perfect romantic weekend. Think about what the two of you like for starters.

Do you like to find places that the two of you could be alone like in a tiki hut on a secluded beach? Or, do the two of you love the excitement and passion of a big city? Whichever the case there are plenty of places you can choose for your romantic weekend.

There are three important words to keep in mind, location, location, location. Since you do not have a lot of time you do not want to spend all of your time getting to the place you want to go. So, make sure you choose a place that is only a short drive away or if the place you choose is a little further away that the plane ride will not take forever either.

when you get to your hotel room, be sure to have brought things to personalize it and make it more cozy. Scented candles are a good thing to bring along. You probably already though to bring some sexy lingerie and hopefully there is a jacuzzi tub in the room so you two can take a nice warm bath together.

Where you stay can be as important as anything else when getting away. Bed and breakfast’s can be cozy and intimate but just make sure they offer everything you might need by way of quiet, intimate restaurants and whether or not you can stay the entire weekend in your room if you want to.

Nothing can be more exciting than whisking your significant other away for the weekend as a surprise. Pack a bag for them and make arrangements to pick them up right after work. You can either be spontaneous and drive until you both find a good place to stop or you could have all the plans made in advance, it is entirely up to you.

Tap into your creative side to find unique things to do on you weekend together. If you both like to cook or would like to know how to make specific dishes for cozy dinners at home then make your intimate weekend away a foodie weekend as well and take a cooking class together.

Maybe you would both like to learn to scuba dive. Research online for scuba lessons and then make a reservation, take the short flight to the tropics and spend the weekend learning how to appreciate the ocean and all it holds. Then go out and have a nice quiet dinner to celebrate your success at learning something new.

Be sure to plan your romantic weekend around what you both like to do or might like to try together. This is a time to be closer to each other not create more stress in your life. There will be enough of that to go around when you get home. Use this time to stay connected and rekindle your love for each other.

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