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Romance In The Office

Romance In The Office

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Romance In The Office

The office is one of the places where we interact with other people of the opposite or of the same sex. Quite often, we develop good relationships with these colleagues of ours not only in the workplace but which could extend outside of the office as well. In fact, many of us go out with officemates for a night out or a weekend getaway for we consider them as dear friends.

As most people would say business and pleasure should never be mixed together, but it is never impossible for two people to develop something more than friendship in the workplace most especially if you see each other everyday and you spend more or less at least eight hours in the office. It is not impossible to develop strong feelings of attraction for we are but humans and we long for love and meaning in our lives.

Before you find yourself entangled in an office romance, it is important for you to think things through and consider what other officemates might say and most especially what management has to say.

Many companies, years ago have a policy against these office romance relationships but now society has been more open to this and it isn’t considered taboo anymore although there are certain minor restrictions.

Even if management is more lenient when it comes to their employees disabled dating officemates, you cannot avoid pesky and nosy co-workers who spread nasty comments through the grapevine.

Before giving in to your urges, try to get to know the person better and don’t just jump into the water. Friendship as they is always the best foundation for any romantic relationship. Get to discover a lot about the person beyond the office by going out after office hours which would be a good avenue for beyond work conversations.

If you develop a relationship, it is highly important that you be discreet and behave accordingly in the workplace. Proper decorum is expected of everyone in the office so please avoid public display of affection. Such a behavior will merely make you and your partner the topic of every conversation at lunch and coffee breaks if you display unacceptable behavior.

Having your special someone in the same office can help dispel the stress that may come with your work but it is essential that you conduct your office dealings in a very professional manner and not in a conduct that is unbecoming of an employee. Prove to everyone that you value your work and that you will always perform your responsibilities well.

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