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Picture Perfect – Be Noticed Online

Picture Perfect – Be Noticed Online

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Picture Perfect – Be Noticed Online

Want to make your personals profile completely irresistible? Just follow our golden photo rules.
1. Visual Pleasure – It is important to have a picture if you are trying to meet people online. Statistics show that a person is far more likely to receive messages if he or she has got their photo up rather than just a description.
2. Don’t role play outside of the bedroom – there is no point in placing David Beckham or Paris Hilton pictures in as yourself because if you do meet someone you may miss your chance for them to like you just the way you are.
3. Mug Shots – I don’t know about you, but my ideal mate isn’t fresh out of Port Phillip Prison, so avoid the deer in the headlights facial expression.
4. Dress revealingly – But do leave a little to the imagination. Aim to reveal your personality, not what you think people will want to see.
5. Don’t bring excess baggage – Many people make the mistake of having a picture with their friends’ arms around them. This makes the photo appear messy and unappealing. There may also be an implication that the arms wrapped around that hottie belong to a dreaded ex!
6. Drunkk is baad – Don’t be drunk in your photo. Unfortunately this happens all too frequently, and whilst you may have chosen this photo because at the time you felt that happy false confidence, to everyone else you look really sad.
7. Be natural, naked and bare all! – Well, maybe not literally. Natural means that you don’t have to pose too hard, as fake smiles can look excruciating. Just be yourself!
8. Desperation is a no-no – Don’t try too hard. A man patting a dog holding three babies whilst cooking and cleaning is obviously an attempt to pull the chicks. Similarly, ladies don’t have to go to the lengths of watching sports in a cheerleader outfit serving beer in their photos. It’s just too keen, and desperation is a turn off.
9. Things ripen with age – Use a recent photo because that is who you are now, and who people will meet. That bleached mullet you sported five years ago may not be the image you want to project to the world today.
10. Size does matter – Don’t stand too far away. Make sure your pic is close up enough to see all of your features.
11. Have a multiple – Multiple photos are best for online disabled dating. This enables the world to get a feel for who you are and the types of places you go.
So remember – if you stick to these rules, you’ll have a much better chance at attracting the person you’re looking for.

The Date Keeper
Image by miskan
I got linked by Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting today so I am expecting many visitors to come who don’t live in Kuwait. Thats why for todays picture I decided to go local and you can’t get more local then Souk Al Mubarkieh. I like passing by the souk because I used to go there every Friday as a kid when my dad used to pass by this persian carpet store in the souk. I would usually tag along with him but then get bored and wonder off into the souk by myself trying to discover something new. They were like mini adventures for me. Now every-time I pass by the souk I always get happy childhood memories. Today though, I parked in a parking lot I never parked at before. It confused my usual routine and I got lost trying to find the place I wanted to go to. Then, when I did find the place, I got lost going back to my car. The souk is very confusing to navigate through with lots of alley ways that all seem to lead to somewhere interesting. I found a store there that is selling brand new boxed Super Nintendo systems for only KD20 (). I keep telling myself to get one but something always comes up. Anyway the picture I took today is of a shop keeper arranging some of the dates he has on display.

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