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MyMusicFolders.com Hits Highest Note with U.S. Coast Guard Marching Band!

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MyMusicFolders.com Hits Highest Note with U.S. Coast Guard Marching Band!

“We Americans are singing our hearts out in over a quarter of a million choral groups all across the U.S.,” explains Jon Rose, owner of MyMusicFolders, a company which now is even providing folders for the U.S. Coast Guard Marching Band!
According to a recent study, over 28 million American adults and children perform in professional and community choruses, school choruses, and church choirs, making choral groups the leader among performing arts in the country. Jon and Robbin Rose are typical choral group members and leaders, although they have taken their avocation one step further and developed a line of choir and band folders (www.MyMusicFolders.com) that have been embraced by groups ranging from church choirs to Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks big band, as well as the U.S. Coast Guard Marching Band.
“Robbin and I have been involved in music all of our lives,” says Jon Rose. “We met each other 25 years ago at the University of Montana, where we were both music majors.” Today, Robbin is the executive director of the Missoula Community Chorus, and Jon is a member of the Board of Directors. It was their experience in choral singing that led the couple to design choir folders, band folders, and classroom folders that are an octave above the competition, and rated the most desirable of all music folders available by choral groups around the country.
MyMusicFolders.com offers three types of music folders, with a fourth to be added shortly. The Deluxe Choir Folder features a hand strap along the spine and a detachable strap along the bottom to allow choir members to hold the folder with one hand. According to Jon, “The hand strap is crucial to choir and choral group members. When groups buy binders from office supply stores, members need to hold the binders with both hands. When it comes time to turn the page, they don’t have a free hand.” The Deluxe Choir Folder also has a three-ring binder and elastic cords to securely hold sheet music, and clear pockets to hold program notes and a name card. The folder’s accordion pocket holds loose music, while its pencil holder allows choir members to easily take notes.
The practical Band and Orchestra Folder features reinforced metal corners, a pencil holder, and expandable accordion pockets sized for band and orchestra scores. The Classroom Choir Folder is a simple and value priced alternative for choirs that perform from memory, and feature expandable pockets, a pencil holder, and a pocket for a name tag.
MyMusicFolders.com has recently been named the official supplier of marching band folios for the U.S. Coast Guard Marching Band, and will soon offer the same folios for sale to civilians. “We are proud to have been able to help the servicemen and women in the U.S. Coast Guard Marching Band,” says Jon. The small, lightweight weatherproof music holders replaced those disabled dating back to the 1930s. “We not only recreated the marching band folios, but we made a new and improved version,” notes Jon.
By adding the marching band folios to the MyMusicFolders.com product line, Jon and Robbin continue to fulfill their mission of financially supporting the Missoula Community Chorus through the proceeds from sales generated by the website.
Their commitment to their community reflects trends among members of choral groups around the country. A recent study found that choral group members were more than three times as likely to give charitable contributions to other arts organizations and almost twice as likely to engage in volunteer activities than the general public.
That same study reported that the skills developed through participating in choral groups – teambuilding, listening and following, creativity, discipline, and social interaction – serve to enrich both the individuals and society as a whole. With Jon and Robbin Rose serving as role models, American society is developing a perfect pitch.


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