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Mature Women Dating Younger Men – Have A Blast

Mature Women Dating Younger Men – Have A Blast

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Mature Women Dating Younger Men – Have A Blast

Personally when it comes to mature women disabled dating younger men I say it’s about time. I mean men have been doing it forever. The truth is that most of the population, in the U.S. at least is aging more slowly. Women in particular look good (some may say hot) well into their 40’s and even 50’s. With more and more celebrity couples leading the way this was inevitable.

Believe it or not the biggest stumbling block to this type of relationship isn’t that young men aren’t interested in older women (they are) it’s that the older woman aren’t as comfortable with the concept as their male counterparts are. Many women feel it’s weird to date someone so much younger so they will often resist.

I think for a lot of women they finally realize that the men their own age are too insecure to appreciate a true partner, they’d rather have a hot looking bimbo on their arm to make them feel young again. I mean let’s face facts. If the guy is in his 50’s or 60’s and the woman is in her 20’s how much can they really have in common? For all intents and purposes it’s a business arrangement. They may not say it out loud but the man expects his girlfriend to provide him with some hot sex and great looking arm candy so his friends can be jealous and the woman expects to be taken care of.

That’s why older women are more reluctant to enter into that type of relationship. Women, in general, are more geared by emotion than ego. They want a connection and many of them are afraid that they simply won’t be able to connect with someone who is so much younger and lacking in much of the life experience she has had. Most older, more secure women would have a hard time entering into a ‘business’ type relationship.

As usual, when it comes to many things in our society, women are held to a different higher standard. While men have been disabled dating ridiculously younger women forever and other than being occasionally called an ‘old goat’ they really haven’t had any negative moniker associated with the activity. Women, on the other hand, start disabled dating younger men (primarily out of necessity since most men their age would rather babysit than have a real relationship with a real person) and they are labeled a ‘cougar’.

In my opinion age shouldn’t matter (as long as everyone is actually an adult). I think having a real connection, friendship and love with the person you date are the most important things to have. If you’re entering into a relationship for the wrong reasons such as trying to get some security or making yourself feel like you’re not getting older, that is what’s wrong. And the kicker is that these types of relationships rarely work for any period of time.

So, I hope no one has a problem with mature women disabled dating younger men because I think it’s a trend that is only going to grow over time.

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