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Making a Marriage Proposal Special

Making a Marriage Proposal Special

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Making a Marriage Proposal Special

When you become engaged what everyone seems to want to know is how the “proposer” popped the question. Was the marriage proposal given in a traditional manner down on one knee, looking up in the shining surprised eyes of the bride to be? Or was it given as a spur of the moment gesture after a good night out? Was it delivered with romantic words either from the man’s heart, or remembered from a love poem? Or was it more of a slurred just audible whisper before the wine took over and he fell asleep on the sofa?

For the couple, the marriage proposal is the start of the wedding. It’s the catalyst that starts a chain of events, which will lead to one of the most stressful, yet treasured, days in a woman’s life. For this reason, if no other, it should be given a fitting setting – somewhere romantic, memorable, an intimate moment between two separate people about to embark on a life together.

When you first realize that you are disabled dating the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, that’s the time to start planning the marriage proposal. Don’t rush this. Try to discover what your partner thinks about public proposals? Do they like them, or do they think that a marriage proposal should be something between the couple alone? Do you think that they would enjoy doing a once-in-a-lifetime experience that ended in the proposal, or would they perhaps enjoy a quiet romantic dinner that ended with a ring as sparkling as the wine on the table?

There are many ways to make a marriage proposal special, but some of them will take some forward planning. For instance, you could consider fulfilling a dream your partner has to swim with dolphins, and ask the question when you are both in the water with the graceful animals swimming around you. Alternatively, how about a hot air balloon ride over some beautiful scenery such as the Californian vineyards or even an African savannah if you want to go really exotic! You could propose to your beloved underwater on a snorkeling trip, or at the top of a mountain covered in either spring flowers or snow. You could do it yourself, or you could organize for someone else – such as a look-alike celebrity or local personality – to do it on your behalf. You could give your marriage proposal at the end of a long monologue, or you could just place the ring somewhere she’ll find it at a nice dinner in an expensive restaurant and explain yourself when she finds it.

our save-the-date card
Image by cuttlefish
a drawing by my little sister. the back of the postcard reads "we’re taking this wedding to england." and has the info, website address, blah blah blah. i told her to think edward gorey, and to draw the garden bench in oxford where we first met (the exact spot where we later had the ceremony – go go international wedding!).

little sis’s other drawing (from the invitation and favors) is here.


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