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Do you know that despite the 1666 Great London Fire, London is considered as among the world’s premier financial and business centers? It wouldn’t come as a surprise that its underground railway disabled dating as far back as 1863 is the world’s oldest?

Aside from being England’s and the U.K.’s capital city, London is also the largest and the most populated among all the cities of the European Union. Its population is highly multi-ethnic, composed of a wide variety of nationalities, religions, and cultures that use more than 300 various languages.

Greater London encompasses an area equivalent to 607 square miles or 1572 square kilometers. Its metropolitan area alone has around 7.4 million residents, who call themselves “Londoners”. When locals speak about “the city”, they often refer to the ancient City of London, otherwise called the “square mile”, which has now been converted into a financial neighborhood, with barely its share of overnight inhabitants.

London’s position as U.K.’s capital was never confirmed officially, that is, in writing or by statute. Therefore, its being a capital is something from the unwritten constitution of the U.K. It is actually a region that is divided into two cities: the City of Westminster and the City of London.

London’s population enjoys a pleasant climate, with consistent yet mostly light precipitation the whole year. It is actually one of the driest capitals of Europe. Thus, the city is worth visiting any day of the year.

Among the world’s most spectacular street celebrations happen every first day of each year. Londoners greet the New Year using a display of colors, music, and great festivities. A tradition that started in 1987, it has now grown to accommodate 10,000 participants, as well as its one million audiences. Clowns, vintage cars, giant inflatables, cheerleaders, and marching bands that came from various parts of the globe are the highlights of the parade. But even with all these display, the merrymaking atmosphere is the one that really beckons tourists.

Open spaces located all over the city account for a good part of the London area. The biggest ones are within the central area, some of which are the Kensington Gardens, Royal Parks of Hyde Park, and Holland Park all along the western edge, and the northern edge’s Regent Park.

With the city’s numerous sights and events that are worth seeing, it definitely is a premier travel destination. You won’t even be bothered with the hassle of learning another language. All you will have time for is learning the Londoners’ charming twang.

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