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Live and Love Using Disabled Non-Disabled Dating Sites!

Live and Love Using Disabled Non-Disabled Dating Sites!

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After living a disastrous single-life for almost 3 years, I decided to bring get associated with someone romantically. I am sure the first question popping your brain is – why on earth did I stay single for 3 years? Well, I was perfectly able-bodied until I met with a horrifying car accident. Although my brain works just fine, my limbs are no longer functional. An obvious consequence – I am always on a wheelchair!

Certainly a gross period of time, it took me over 3 years to cope up with it. Wasn’t a piece of cake for sure! So, instead of waiting for someone to take me far away from all over-concerned watchful eyes, I chose to hunt him down my own way. Guess what appeared as a savior? A long list of disabled non-disabled dating sites.

Dating online is no new thing these days. Everyone does it, even the ones playing rugby! I too took my chances and did pretty well. Well, my man sitting next to me resolves all doubts. He is the most charming, attentive and amazing man on earth – at-least I reckon so! And cherry on the cake – one of the very popular disabled non-disabled dating site got me introduced to this God-send man!

So my suggestion for all of you who still think that only proms and parties can get you hooked to the most mesmerizing men – try thinking a little better. Use resources that are up for grabs. Parties and gatherings are old-school. Online dating is undeniably the new-age mantra.

Not everything in this huge wide world comes in a golden case. There’s a flip side of the coin too that you must be aware. Even I have personally encountered a lot of cruisers while mingling with someone over the dating sites. What’s their only intention? Frankly, to use you for sexual pleasures or other hidden advantages! Be very careful when interacting with people via dating sites. Their identity is absolutely virtual and you are left with almost zero option – nothing but to believe every word they type or speak. Here’s where you need to up your game.

Stay cautious and alert. Dating could sound pretty exciting. After spending years or months in a cage under strict watchful eyes, a little care or adoration can melt your heart straight-away! So keep control on your feelings and don’t go along the flow with your hearts on sleeves. The future might not be that great, in the worst case possible.

Following below are a list of things you must do before indulging in a romantic relationship.

  1. Talk as much as you can. Thankfully, these sites are all designed with exclusive private chatrooms. Heart-to-heart conversations play a pivotal role in shaping up relationships. At-least it gives you a slightest hint of the person you are talking to, his interests, a little about his life or his notions.
  2. Sharing personal information immediately after a couple of chats is not ideal. No one on earth likes stalkers. What if the person you are talking to is obsessed with all the wrong things? Would you like him intruding your personal life and home? If not, refrain giving your personal details at-least until the time you trust him 100%.


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