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Key Dating Tips to Make a Winning Impression!

Key Dating Tips to Make a Winning Impression!

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So how often have you been told that ‘May be the problem is you’? Strings of failed relationships – has that taken you off the game? Well, you do need to bounce back and accomplish a real relationship this time. A common problem

with most men is that they end up dating or falling for the wrong women. Why wrong? Well maybe, you’ve over-estimated yourself time and again.

Every person on earth has a market value, believe it or not! It is charisma, beauty, personality, wittiness or money. If you are a wholesome package, there’s no doubt that the ball will mostly be in your court and you enjoy the pick. However, if you fall low in charts, don’t be foolish and kiss goodbye to all options waiting for some god-fairy to come propose to you. Settle for the best you get.

Do you still hope for some tips to strike the fortune and cast a lasting impression on your next date? No problem! Here are a couple of tips that can help you win all damsels hearts without a shadow of doubt. Proven is the word!

Proven Dating Tips to Make your Next Date a Big Hit!

1. Do not let your etiquette fly off the window – There’s an old saying ‘A little etiquette goes a long way!’ Adhere to it! If your date looks flamboyant, don’t miss complimenting her. Behave like a gentleman. Do the doors as she walks through. Appreciate if there’s something worth appreciating. What’s certainly not suggested is getting touchy and all over her. Over-complimenting can spoil the show too. It looks imposed and artificial! For testers, you can lean a bit closer towards her while she talks. If she’s cool with the gesture,congratulations – your date’s on the right track. On the contrary, if your lady repels and moves back, there’s the indication that your date has gone horribly wrong.

2. Think about your needs and keep a checklist – Who are you? What are your favorites as a person? Are you a football junkie or a techie maybe? If yes then how are you supposed to hit the easy-streets with a woman who hates football to the core? It’s imperative to have a few things in common. At-least, this saves you the horror of compromising things that gives pleasure to your heart.

3. Avoid getting too tipsy on your very first date – Alcohol is a spoiler in first dates. A man getting drunk and wasted transforms into a whole new personality who’s certainly not favored much by women. She’s here to learn something about you. Chemistry does not spring up instantly and the formula is a little different with women. Instead of reckoning a connection right away in the first date, most women take at-least three to four dates to realize a budding chemistry. Give her the time to get acquainted with you on a personal level.

Stay sober! Alcohol can be incorporated later in the game. Till then, sit back and enjoy your conversations.

4. Never say ‘I’ll call you’ – Don’t, just don’t! It’s an obvious red flag that will definitely burn your chances of getting along well with a girl you think is appropriate as a partner. There’s no point in making an announcement that you’ll call her. Just end the night by saying ‘I’ve had a great time today’. This is both safe and gentle.

Figure out the red flags that kill chances of making a good first impression on your date.


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