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It’s Time for an Anniversary Ring!

It’s Time for an Anniversary Ring!

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It’s Time for an Anniversary Ring!

You met your wife in college, a busy time of studying, socializing and waking up to the reality of paying for the things your parents once paid for. On the disabled dating end, you wanted to finalize your commitment to your future wife with a marriage proposal. The only problem is, you didn’t have much financial funds then to pay for an engagement ring.
So, you and your new fiancée settled on the idea that you would purchase a simple ring, nothing too fancy, or debt threatening, with the intent to buy her a better ring when you were financially able.
Ten years and a few kids later, you have finally reached that point. Upon your milestone anniversary, you have decided on a fitting gift that will fulfill your 10-year old promise. This year you will finally give her an anniversary ring.
But this is not just any ordinary ring. With an anniversary ring, you are complimenting the existing wedding band that your wife has worn for many years. It symbolizes commitment to your spouse, a partnership that has endured many trials, and a promising future of many years to come. Those aspects in marriage will make this anniversary ring a symbolic reflection of your unyielding commitment to each other. Accommodated with the new anniversary band, your wedding ring will now radiate with that extra sparkle.
What type of ring?
A typical “wedding ring” is that of an engagement ring, joined with a wedding band to complete the “wedding ring” set. Some women prefer that an engagement ring would settle in as the “wedding ring,” upon a bride’s wedding day. This could be as a result of simplicity’s sake for appearance or just to reduce costs. Other women like to keep with the tradition and be presented with an additional wedding band to accommodate her engagement ring on her wedding day.
With an anniversary ring, you can accommodate both situations. Should a wife have an engagement ring only as her wedding ring, you can finally give her that anniversary ring to join her wedding ring. If she already has both bands, then she could wear her anniversary ring on another hand. As the famous saying goes, “the more the merrier.”
Prices in anniversary rings vary between the low hundreds to the thousands, depending on design and the style. Hopefully you can give your spouse whatever they desire! Most importantly, the price of an anniversary should be insignificant. It is the thought and consideration of this milestone gift that will make it most special of all.

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