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Is There a Dating Site for The Disabled? Life’s About to Change Once You Know the Answer!

Is There a Dating Site for The Disabled? Life’s About to Change Once You Know the Answer!

disabled dating

Relationships are beautiful. They are like fuel for life! Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with an able body and a healthy mind. Does a physical weakness make them incompatible for love? I don’t think so!

The web world has boomed by leaps and bounds. Match making is instant these days. Some go digital to find partners for one night stand while many are still looking out for true love. I often bump into questions like is there a dating site for the disabled? Are there any people interested to go in ties with someone who’s physically unfit or mentally disabled?

Here is an answer that is about to make you happy! Not one but hundreds of sites have opened up to promote dating for the disabled. Do you know what is the best part of all this? The site is not only an assemblage of people who are weak in some other way but is also joined by numerous able-bodied individuals seeking for true love or honest relationships.

I am personally attached to a lot of women who are either wheelchair dependant or suffering from spine issues. What’s wonderful is their hearts but what’s gruesome is the feeling of dejection they have been carrying inside themselves for years. I feel ecstatic to be of a little to these women who are now my very good friends. One of them is happily married; some are in love while others are still foraging for love but with vigor and enthusiasm. There is absolutely no room for blues. If you too are looking for ways to come out of the hole and live life like a strong confident normal person, you first need to believe in yourself.

Physically unfit or a kind of cognitive disorder does not put an end to your life. There are thousands suffering from even worse conditions. Just when the world seems to end and you feel like the most unfortunate person in the globe, just remember, there is always someone beneath you and above you. For who is beneath, they are still suffering and struggling from a disorder that’s beyond your imagination but life’s still sweet for them. For one who is above is there to support you and bring you forward.

Use the World Wide Web to search for a relationship. You deserve partnership. If not love, go ahead and make new friends. Overcome the fear of being judged. I bet it, the moment you realize what’s special in you that still lure’s attention, your confidence is bound to go to another new level. Just keep a few tips in mind:

  1. Do not behave like a weird desperate soul. Don’t be surprised but a lot of ignorant people still think that sufferers of physical disability are mostly sex hungry. Prove them wrong. Get to know each other first before delving deep.
  2. Beware of fraudsters contaminating online dating portals. They are hard to pick but don’t fall for just anyone who you think is overly smart or amazingly dashing. Take your time and do not rush.


disabled dating
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