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Introducing Your Friends To Your Partner – Who To Avoid And Who To Show Off

Introducing Your Friends To Your Partner – Who To Avoid And Who To Show Off

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Introducing Your Friends To Your Partner – Who To Avoid And Who To Show Off

You have been disabled dating for a few weeks and everything is going great. You have a lot of things in common and you can’t wait to show her off to all your friends. But wait…before you invite her to poker night, take a minute and think about it. Your buddies are great, but what kind of message are they sending to your respective partner? Take out a pen and paper and start jotting down the names of all your friends. Then go through the following list to find out who to invite and who to give a rain check for another day.
The College Buddy- He has been there for you since freshman year. He was with you at every frat party and every early morning class. He remembers every girlfriend and every fling you ever had. Beware of introducing him to your girlfriend however, the last thing that either of you wants is to be reminded of your assorted list of girlfriends and one night stands. Save the meeting for another day.
Your Roommate- The two of you share a bathroom and a fridge together, and probably a lot more. He understands your quirks. He will probably be the first to admit that your feet smell and you can’t cook anything but pizza and cereal. This buddy should be invited to your initial “meet the friends” party however. He will no doubt be around when you bring her home, so it is a good idea to get this meeting out of the way early on. You can pick the date and gain a little control over the situation. Nobody likes to meet someone for the first time when they are in the shower or some other equally embarrassing situation.
Your Married Friends- You had to sit through their four hour wedding, so now its payback time. They all have houses, wives, and maybe even a few kids. You normally see them at backyard cookouts and other get-togethers. They are probably a little more stable than your single friends and understand women a little better (at least we hope). For this reason, I would highly recommend inviting them to meet your new girl. It will help her see that you are capable of settling down. If they have some pictures of you playing water tag with the kids at the last party, you get bonus points.
With a little bit of planning you can make the meeting great for everybody involved. Pick a nice public place which will make everyone feel more comfortable. Good luck and relax, you will do great and your friends will love her!

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