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Interviewing Skills: A Key To Anyone’s Future.

Interviewing Skills: A Key To Anyone’s Future.

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Interviewing Skills: A Key To Anyone’s Future.

So when was the last time you interviewed? How did it go for you? My guess is that it went poorly for you and that is no slam on you personally its just that most people fear interviews and lose a lot of jobs as a result. I read something like 85% of people in the work force right now had to go through 5-6 interviews before they landed the job that they are in right now. Now there may be multiple reasons for this figure but let me tell you the overwhelming majority of people, if they knew the secrets of successful interviewing skills would land the job they want every time. Instead of getting turned down, they would be turning down job offers.

So isn’t it just a personality thing? Well yes and no. Personality certainly goes a long way in carrying a conversation and presenting yourself in a good light, but very few people have this endearing personality. There are a lot more people who land jobs than people with gregarious personalities–and that is because they now how to interview. Yes, interviewing skills can definitely be and should be learned. So how do people learn?

Well a lot of people have learned interviewing skills through trial and error. The more you do something the better you get at it (usually!). But who wants to learn like this…I mean there are few things that are more painful than getting a rejection letter. Also how fun are interviews in general? Basically most people want to avoid them entirely! Then, wouldn’t it be great if you could learn what makes a successful interview from the eyes of the potential employer? Wouldn’t it be nice to go into an interview with the mindset that you are evaluating them and not the other way around?

Another important thing to remember is that this goes much deeper than learning interviewing skills or tricks. In fact the training that makes you good at interviewing, makes you successful in life. Communication for instance is a fundamental part of success whether it be social confidence, or ability to manage, or network…and on and on.

Learning (and I 100% guarantee that you can learn this stuff) interviewing skills is profitable for anyone from the fresh graduate to the seasoned business man. It is also great for you life outside of work including parenting, disabled dating, marriage–you name it! So don’t wait any longer to get this valuable part of your success under your control!

Image taken from page 267 of ‘Australia … Illustrated with drawings by Skinner Prout, N. Chevalier, etc. [With maps.]’
Image by The British Library
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