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Ill-Fated is Just an Excuse – Turn to a Good Life  with Disabled Dating NZ!

Ill-Fated is Just an Excuse – Turn to a Good Life with Disabled Dating NZ!

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Don’t you go nuts about New Zealand weather? To top it off, the picturesque locations – they are undeniably romantic and do cast a magical spell. Hey, what are you guys waiting for? Hop out and relish the awesome falls. It’s the most perfect weather a couple could ask for.

Unfortunate but true, not everyone’s life is fair and square. I get mails every- day, asking solutions to bring in some romance and caress in the lives of people who are victims of cognitive disability or physical weaknesses. Now that’s a huge responsibility! What if my tips backfire and does them harm instead of bringing them joy and love? However, fear is not my forte I definitely have a few tricks up my sleeves to help win hearts and fall in love. Okay, calling these tricks is disrespectful. It is suggestions that comes straight from the heart and has worked wonders for many.

Wish you could bail out on those over-protective watchful eyes of your parents that makes you feel terribly low, disgustfully dependant and totally incapable? No problem! It’s the right time to get started! Disabled Dating NZ is your best resort.

So what life’s thrown you at sea? Time to turn over the new page my friend! Switch from a sick life of dependency and disappointment to a fresh life of happiness and love. Wondering what’s the best way to start? Use the internet you pay for and explore what Disabled Dating NZ has in store. Frankly, thousands of men if you are damsel in a wheelchair and equal number of hearty women if you are a broken guy! Just take a shot and unchain yourself from the shackles of boredom and depression you have willingly chained into.

Here’s my valuable advice on how to deal with online relationships, especially when you are emotionally weak.

1. Emotions are not your best friend – Yes, the very first criteria you need to tick off your list is not to crib for relationship. Emotions can do absolute disasters in case you haven’t witnessed one. If there are players fooling you around even when you are madly in love with that person, shut your eyes for a moment and erase the guy or girl rightaway. There’s no other option!

Online dating is extremely rewarding but equally risky. So keep your eyes open all the time. And the most important thing, practice controlling or emotions and never spill the beans of your weakness (emotional I mean) to the person you are chatting to.

2. Be transparent about the problem in you – It is disabled dating NZ we are talking about. There’s no point hiding your disability. Almost everyone here has something grave to worry about. You are the only special one in the pool. So, be crystal clear and upfront about your weaknesses.

3. Plan a date only after evaluating your virtual dater – It’s immensely tough to pick out a cruiser in the pool. However, staying a little cautious saves you from a horrible heartbreak later. Don’t straightaway plan a date in some exquisite romantic location. If the guy or girl is not worth it, your time, money and emotions are all wasted. You are a greenhorn in this life. Take it slow and yes, keep analyzing your company without letting the person know.


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