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How To Find A Prom Date

How To Find A Prom Date

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How To Find A Prom Date

If debut is a girl’s introduction to society, then prom night is definitely a senior student’s introduction to the world of disabled dating. Most high school students usually go on date groups to avoid being scolded by their parents. Others go on dates without their parents’ knowledge.

What makes prom night doubly exciting and a memorable event for highs schools seniors is the fact that disabled dating during the prom is legal from the point of view of parents. Most seniors who are not yet allowed to go on dates are formally given permission by their parents to go out with a date during this time.

The problem is, some seniors who concentrated on their studies and who did not go on secret dates now have the problem of choosing their partners or dates for the prom night.

If you have a steady group of friends whom you have known since first grade then it is easy to get a reference for a date. You can even choose from among your friends. Senior guys find it easier to get prom dates because they can always choose junior girls who think it is an addition to their persona if they out on a date with senior guys. It is more often the girls who have a hard time finding prom dates.

There are numerous boys and girls waiting to be asked for the prom. The problem is; how does one choose a prom date?

Careful planning

Prom night is announced several months ahead of schedule to allow preparation among the seniors, not only in terms of the decoration and the whole event, but also in terms of prom dates. Even before the prom date is announced, you must already prepare a strategy to make your prom night memorable.

If you already have a steady girlfriend or boyfriend then getting a prom date is not a problem with you. If you don’t have anyone yet, then look from among you circle of friends. Do you have a friend you feel relaxed with? Then you can choose him. However, it will have to be a friendly date unless you have a secret crush on this friend.

Your girlfriends can also help you get a prom date by recommending some of their buddies or even their brothers. Start looking around for friends who have brothers who may either be your age or older than you. Somebody from a different school would be okay, for as long as you know his family background and you have made sure he is not jack the ripper.

Have a crush on someone? Why not invite him or her for the prom? Who knows, this may be the start of a special friendship between you two. Just make sure that the person you are inviting for the prom does not already have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend as this would lessen the possibility of your invitation being accepted.

You have to prepare a set of criteria for your choice of a prom date. First of all, you must go out with someone whom you already know or someone your friends know. This is to make sure that you are safe in the hands of you date. This should be a primordial consideration due tot eh frequency of date rape nowadays.

Next, you have to choose someone whom you are comfortable with. Prom night is supposed to be fun and you do not want it to turn out a disaster just because you cannot be yourself with the guy or gal you are going out with. If you can relax with your prom date, then you will surely have a nice prom night. Choose somebody you can have fun with and who will make your prom night memorable.

A prom date who is already known to your parents will make the whole night out easy. For starters, he will not be harassed by your parents when he picks you up during the prom night. Your parents will also have a better night waiting up for you if they know that you are going out with someone they know to be a decent person.

You may have the best prom night attire or the best make up but if you do not have a date you are comfortable with, then your prom night will surely be less than fun. And what is prom night except a night to have fun? So go get your checklist now and start choosing your prom date!

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