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How To Achieve Marvelous Results With Women

How To Achieve Marvelous Results With Women

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How To Achieve Marvelous Results With Women

Their are some of questions you ask yourself and you end up falling asleep with no answer. You go out drinking with your fellow man and what happens leaves your mouth gaped. Your friend goes home with about thirty contacts from women he has just met. He even manages to take a top dancer home at the end of the evening. Your friends have so much success with women it is unbelievable. If you learn some few tricks about women it might end your lonely nights and give you the much desired success with women. Look around my friend and you will realize that the power of attraction is neither logical nor fair. All your “bad boy” friends are selling like hot cakes.

Getting a girl can be very challenging in todays highly competitive disabled dating world, even if you are a great guy. There are some things that you can do to improve your chances.

In this article, I’ll give you three great tips that are all important in seducing a woman.

The first thing you can do is improve your social skills. If you are shy and too scared to talk too women you greatly reduce your chances of getting girls. That’s why you should try to become a good talker. Just try to be interesting and friendly.

In order to achieve success with women, it is good to understand that women and men priorities differ while looking for a date. Men tend to concentrate on looks than the personality while women prioritize on personality. They do not mainly dwell on looks though they count to a smaller extent. The trick here is to act funny and unpredictable. Arrogant men enjoy success with women. Being nice is a threat to attraction. When you buy gifts, take her to a movie and may be compliment her beauty it becomes so monotonous. Try to be a little bit different since attractive women are being approached by men all the time. All the guys buy gifts and stuff like that so i beg for your uniqueness. When you do all these nice things you appear needy and also appear like you are hiding ulterior motives.

To get girls it is also very important to be confident and feel good about yourself. Show that you are a real man and that you are not afraid of rejection. This really impresses women who will see you as a high value man.

The first impression should give you success with women. If she did not feel attracted to you when you first met, she is not worth pursuing. You cannot simply do anything about it. Once you notice that, stop buying gifts and treating her overly well because you won’t succeed. If she feels attracted to you, she can’t do anything about it brother. This is the power of attraction. Tease her with hard questions and give her a hard time as long as it is necessary. This communicates your concern and confidence. It guarantees huge success with women.

By being confident, funny and interesting anyone can get girls. You will just have to practice a bit and learn to deal with rejection. While this may sound easier said than done if you are a shy guy it is not that hard. Just approach a lot of girls and talk to them. If they are not interested just move on to the next one. After a while the fear of rejection will disappear and your confidence will increase a lot.

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