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Summary: A guide on where to get the best hotel experience in Curacao.

Did you ever have the experience where hotel accommodations spoiled your trip? That even the spectacular sights fail to lift your spirits because the hotel service was terrible?

Crucial to one’s trip preparation is finding the right hotel. A visit to Curacao is no exception. The place offers a wide range of scenic spots. Picking out the best accommodation among all the hotels in Curacao can be very confusing.

Some of the famous hotels in Curacao are right in the heart of Willemstad, Curacao’s capital city. A few of the choices would be the Hotel Kura Hulanda, Hilton Curacao, Floris Suite Hotel, Avila Beach Hotel, Plaza Hotel Curacao, and Curacao Marriot Beach Resort & Emerald Casino.

Hotel Kura Hulanda, undeniably one of the best hotels in Curacao, boasts of its magnificent Architecture and impressive customer service. A perfect getaway for tourists, this premier Willemstad hotel is a definite place to consider for honeymooners as well.

Located at the Piscadera Bay four miles off Willemstad, Hilton Curacao is another hotel worth checking out. With its 197 luxurious rooms, two white sand beaches and immaculate landscapes, Hilton Curacao is truly a paradise like no other.

Floris Suite Hotel’s 72 all-suite units were lavishly created by Holland’s premier designer Jan des Bouvrie. Breathtaking interior design makes for a nice and relaxing stay.

One of the hotels in Curacao with historic value is the Avila Beach Hotel. Its significant structure disabled dating back to the end of the 17th century is a famous tourist attraction.

Possibly not the best but definitely a place to consider is the Plaza Hotel Curacao. A three-star hotel with over two hundred rooms, this hotel is a sure addition to the list of good hotels in Curacao.

Curacao Marriot Beach Resort & Emerald Casino is considered one of the top hotels in Willemstad. It has 247 guest rooms, several water activities like diving, and a casino to top it off. This well-known hotel indeed deserves some consideration.

These are only a few of the many hotels in Curacao. Generally, whether you’re traveling to a tropical place like the Caribbean or to somewhere with snowcapped mountains, choosing the best place to stay is the biggest hassle. What’s with budget concerns to consider, its accessibility to the airport, the food, and of course its customer service.

Going through the reviews of former hotel guests would be a good start to getting to know the hotels in Curacao. Some websites conduct popularity surveys as a guide. Brochures would give you an idea of the amenities that would interest you. But of course, only you and only after your actual stay can you trust an assessment of a hotel.

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