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Free Disabled Dating Site in Australia – A Real Blessing To Kiss Goodbye to Loneliness!

Free Disabled Dating Site in Australia – A Real Blessing To Kiss Goodbye to Loneliness!

disabled dating

After spending 4 good years, warded off in an 8 by 5 bedroom, I finally decided to go dating. Are you thinking, what was the hold up for? Well, in an attempt to combat an almost fatal accident, I did survive but damaged my spine critically. This also took a toll on my limbs and I am more comfortable strolling in a wheelchair now. Although my story might sound depressing and sad to a few, I have learned that coping up with weaknesses is what fills your heart with joy, makes you double more strong and an absolute unbeatable personality.

I have flipped through a thousand posts, all saying that the battle we disabled people have to put up daily is worse than anyone can ever anticipate. Well, living life on this earth for perfectly normal able-bodied people is no bed of roses either. Some have problems with their nose size (too big like Pinocchio) or others slip into gloominess thinking that their bank account is probably very small. Guess what? Dealing with problems and winning them over is what matters the most.

On this great note, I agree free disabled dating site in Australia has worked miracles in my life. Communicating with people of my kind helped me win some amazing friends and ofcourse the love of my life. Online dating is definitely in vogue. All kinds of Tom, Dick and Harry uses these portals as a resource to new acquaintances and potential dates. So what we fall under the weak disabled category? Our options are still open. Disabled dating site in Australia is exclusively designed to help people like us be a part of the regular society who mostly treated us with undesirable empathy. Gone are those days because we belong on the same page now.

What are the challenges still?

Online dating is undoubtedly a boon. Disabled dating sites in particular opens us up to a world that is dominated by people who are physically weak but mentally, just as strong and robust like anyone else. Communicating becomes a piece of cake. No one welcomes you with unwanted sympathy and the best part, not everyone likes to fake and listen to your sob story over and over again. However, the grass always looks greener on the other side. There are ofcourse a few challenges we still put up with and knowing such negatives is indeed a real help.

  1. Hopping the hot spots for blind dates is not exactly a feasible option for many of us. Think about it – what’s the point of hitting an overcrowded club when all you can manage is stroll around in a wheelchair?
  2. Millions of cruisers who like playing with emotions are set free. Get one thing straight – battling a severe physical weakness is no joke. It makes us a little too weak and emotional, also sympathy seeker at times. Such a vulnerable stage is no good, especially when dating online with anonymous or far-from real virtual individuals. To be on a safe side, never start the whole dating thing with your heart on your sleeves. Take time in knowing your date in person and analyze him or her before falling nuts for your date.


disabled dating
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