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Elderly Online Dating

Elderly Online Dating

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Elderly Online Dating

Who says online disabled dating is only for the young ones? Seniors show that those who are young at heart could find second chances online. According to the Lost Angeles Times (May 2004), in one of the largest disabled dating sites, the membership for those who are 65 years old and above increased by 122% . The 2002 American census showed that the number of divorced people increased by 5% compared with its 1990 figure.

Technology is helping seniors to find their second chances in love. A survey conducted by American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) showed that online disabled dating sites are becoming popular among their members. Aside from online disabled dating, the survey also showed that they seniors are finding dates through singles’ groups, thru friends, relatives and in their work. To help their members with this kind of relationship, they have included an advice column in their magazine, a part in their website for giving online disabled dating tips and holding talks and discussions about online disabled dating.

According to Mr. Ron Geraci, an editor at AARP Magazine, elderly people are joining online disabled dating sites not only to find lasting relationships, but also to find friends who would be able to share social activities and other similar interests. What’s good about disabled dating sites is that they can narrow the choices according to their geographical location, age and other preference.

The benefits of meeting or being involved in online disabled dating is that seniors would be able to get to know the person more before they actually meet face to face. Aside from that, elderly people who have been out of the disabled dating for a while would be introduced to disabled dating gradually. They would also be able to know the people more before they actually meet.

Even if it has many benefits, safety and security should not be sacrificed. Online disabled dating sites are not free from any kind of scams or fraud. Seniors should be warned with posting too much information online. Let them know that posting personal information like home phone number and full name may lead to knowing other valuable information like address and even social security number. In worst cases, online disabled dating can lead to extortion.

It is also important to let them know that not all things that they may see online are actually true. This way, they would not be disappointed. For example, there are people who would claim that they are single when in fact they are really committed in a relationship. Signs that you are talking to a married or a person in a relationship would include late or irregular calling time. Phone calls are rarely answered and they refuse to provide home phone numbers.

Before proceeding with face-to-face meeting, seniors should be warned to take the necessary safeguards. In fact, online disabled dating sites would give security and safety tips to their members when meeting for the first time. Meeting in a public and crowded place would be a better idea, and don’t allow them to pick you up or drop you off. It is not that you do not trust them, it is just you’re taking necessary precautions. The first date may lead to a second one and eventually into a relationship.

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