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Discover The Shocking Truth About Russian Women

Discover The Shocking Truth About Russian Women

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Discover The Shocking Truth About Russian Women

Every agency on the Internet features young, captivating Russian girls on their feature pages. Beautiful to look at, alluring, smiling, just waiting for you to take them as a bride. As you look at these beautiful young women, you ask yourself, will these women be able to love ME, as the agencies promise!!??
Are they as beautiful in person as they are in their photos, which are plastered all over the Internet? Well, the short answer to your question is…..Yes, they are beautiful, just as most young girls, all over the world, are and as all young girls, they dream about a handsome young man, coming to sweep them of their feet.
The key word here is YOUNG, so how can you believe a agency who promises you that these young women will be happy to marry a man much older then they are? What do you think? Is it possible? What about young women in your own country?
You need to understand that this is a business. A business promoting foreign women, willing to leave their country for a husband and new life. Every disabled dating/marriage agency on the web has their share of fairy tales about these May to December marriages How some young thing just adores her old, aging foreign husband. Be very careful when you see these kind of testimonials.
If it was true, you would see a lot of these kinds of marriages in Russia. It is very seldom that you will meet a family or couple, where the husband is more than 3-5 years older. In fact, in Russia, people who are in the midst of trying to marry, are almost the same age, usually no more than a one – three year age difference.
Human nature being what it is, we all want to believe in some for of magic and the advertising business attempts to use our belief in magical things happening to us very much to their advantage. This scenario of young Russian women wanting to meet and marry older men is no different than believing in the advertisements that there are magic pills to make you lose 20 pounds in 2 days, or some scheme to GET RICH in 24 hours.
If you are interested in a Russian woman, at least be wise enough and choose a Russian woman who will match your life interests and your age. Don’t believe these advertisements that tell you that young Russian girls are happy to marry men much, much older than they are.

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