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Disabled Dating Edmonton – Romantic Relationships are Not Too Far!

Disabled Dating Edmonton – Romantic Relationships are Not Too Far!

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Don’t you fantasize about a dream date? Expecting a charming man to show up, welcome you with a warm hug, dig deep with heart-to-heart conversations, focus on you (just you), sing praises of your beauty and end the date with a passionate kiss maybe? Well, not really if you are glued to that inanimate wheelchair of yours, right? I always think why is it less fun to hang around even when you are physically disabled. Frankly, I can rarely walk without a support and that has not restrained me from bumping into a loving and compassionate partner. Good news – The wedding bells are loud and clear and he is right beside me with his eyes stuck to the LED watching his favorite sport.

I think it’s crazy to not fall in love or give life a real chance. Yes, there has been painful moments but these accidents are like bumpers on a road. You can’t hang hats inside a closed door agreeing on spending your remaining years simply surviving and not living. Okay, hopping out or partying just like regular people might not sound too convincing. However, online dating should be a good start.

Disabled dating Edmonton for instance is a big hit. It unites all people with disability and gives a platform where one can mingle with like-minded people and plan dates. If not the lovey-dover types, you can always make new friends and share what’s firing in your heart without expecting an empathizing reply. Isn’t it a relief?

Don’t give up on life just yet! There are thousands of people who don’t care about weaknesses of physical disability. All they search for is true love or a real connection. Guess what? It has nothing to do with your wheelchair or those crutches you are dependent on! I always advice people to join in and give it a try.

Alex, my fiancé is the best thing that happened to me and yes, disabled dating Edmonton services have absolutely played cupid in my case. Oh by the way, he is not wheelchair borne like I am and is absolutely blooming and able-bodied. Even then, he oversees what’s missing in me and takes me as a company to his gorgeous events and social gatherings with friends. I don’t feel disabled for a minute when its Alex I am paired with. Call it lucky but online dating did work miracles for me and changed my life amazingly.

I don’t guarantee that your experiences will be blissful just like mine. Honestly, even I went through rough phases getting hooked to the wrong people who played with my emotions, However, that didn’t put my efforts to a grinding halt. I kept adding friends, conversed with them on my leisure hours and finally got acquainted with Alex. Infact, I have a very long list of great good friends, most of who are disabled but just as joyful and happy like any Tom, Dick or Harry. We are also planning high jinks for the New Year’s eve!

My tip – don’t shut your heart for nothing. You never know, there is someone waiting to sweep you off your feet and treat you like a damsel in his life.


disabled dating
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