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Dating Someone Who is Mentally Disabled is No Big Challenge!

Dating Someone Who is Mentally Disabled is No Big Challenge!

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Then there was a mail in my inbox with the subject “My sister is dating a chronically depressed man. Need help!” Frankly, I was immediately attracted and didn’t delay a second to see what’s in the mail. The whole issue of a man’s sister dating a person with cognitive disorder was narrated in the simplest way possible. The question that immediately caught my eyes was ‘Is it okay for her to be dating someone who is mentally disabled?’

My answer was – YES!

Being mentally impaired is no fault of an individual. Why punish someone for a weakness that’s not his fault? Already life’s nothing short but a bed of thorns for these unfortunate chaps. Watchful eyes hovering around 24*7, medications, counseling and ofcourse the overprotective and over-curious relatives and neighbors. Can you imagine the pain and trauma they go through day-in-day-out? I can somewhat relate to that, considering my very own sister-in-law had suffered the pangs of Alzheimer’s.

If there’s someone willing to hold his hands and bring him into a world of love, respect and caress, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Are you depressed living life in a box that’s also called your home? Don’t you wish to hop out in public, watch amazing places with a company of lovely friends and also enjoy being a lover? What keeps you glued to this home of yours? What keeps you away from interacting with people? It’s the fear of being judged and embarrassment because you are not just any Tom, Dick or Harry!

Agreed that you will take some-time to come out of your shell and be a charming confident person. Till then, why don’t you try going digital? Use your internet in sign up in one of the popular dating sites for the disabled. Just do it, don’t think!

It will be a pleasant surprise when you get to explore a world (virtually) full of people who are ready to be friends with you. Icing on the cake – they are not here to judge you or talk about your weaknesses. Everyone is suffering from something. You just feel like Tom Dick or Harry amongst them. Isn’t it refreshing? Talk out your hearts….. there’s chat room for that purpose!

I always tell my friends, it’s important to feel welcomed. At public gatherings, people with mental disability are always treated with sympathy. Who on earth likes being welcomed with sympathy and pity? No one!

Disabled dating sites are a relief for you. No sympathy, only encouragement, friendship and love keeps budding here. Do you have a soft corner for someone after you’ve conversed in chat rooms? Just speak it out! However there are a few rules of engagement you need to follow.

  1. Be transparent about your issue.
  2. Stay away from cruisers who are just here for fun.
  3. Don’t sign in everyday with your heart on your sleeves.
  4. Do not fix dates straightaway. Talk and get to know each other before heading out in public.

So what you have a problem in your brain? Your heart is working perfectly fine. So use it. Don’t restrict yourself from emotions and feelings. Who know? A good partner can change your whole life into a living paradise.


disabled dating
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