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Dating Someone Who is disabled! Enjoy and Not Shy Away!

Dating Someone Who is disabled! Enjoy and Not Shy Away!

disabled dating

Physical incompetency is awful but is it always necessary to talk about the sob story? It’s terrible when there are watchful eyes of pity hovering around you. Personally, I am very much familiar to these conditions as I am a wheelchair rider myself! Damaged limb for me was accidental but the empathy and sorrow times that still linger after years is uncalled for. It’s nerve-wrecking and worst of all, it’s awfully discouraging. I preferred dating someone who is disabled. Why? Well, to put a grinding halt to these mourning faces and undesirable sympathy permanently.

Thank God! The decision did work wonders for me and my life now is better than you can think of. I get a lot of questions asking about the advantages you score when dating someone who is disabled. Honestly, disabled or able-bodied, it doesn’t matter as long as your partner understands you to the core. If there’s a connection or bond, you’ve done it right!

Even then there are a couple of perks you must know about, especially if your weakness is your biggest concern.

  1. It is always love that makes a stand – No scrutinizing, no judging, your beau is just focused on making you feel loved and comfortable. This is one great life where you can kiss goodbye to those heart-wrenching memories of living a dependant disabled life. Start feeling renewed, spirited and best of all, independent.
  2. Kindness takes a back seat; smartness is all that matters – Dating someone who is disabled, believe it or not, our societies are typically ambivalent about the idea. What would you prefer – a life that’s circled with people who are always behaving extra kind and sympathetic, making you feel like a parasite at times or an exciting life where you are treated as an individual and equal? I would any day prefer the latter and I did! My story is quite a success to begin with.
  3. Communication can be low-key but skills definitely hit the grade – People with disabilities are often shy to talk to a stranger or break the ice in that matter. Little did you that most people targeted with weaknesses of some kind are masters and skillful in certain areas. This amplifies motivation tremendously well. So, if you are not good at a job but your disabled partner is, he will never take down your confidence. Instead, he will always support you and motivate you to kick-in and master the skills you specialize in.
  4. Be open-minded – One of the biggest perks of being in a relationship with disabled someone is that you earn a life of open-mindedness and amazing flexibility. Don’t be surprised if you see a sense of humor in yourself. Love and independence can unfold a lot of traits in you that you were earlier unaware of.

Myth regarding disabled people!

Being disabled does not make a person constantly horny. Whether it’s a male or a female, they are definitely not ready to make love with anyone and everyone they meet. It’s a common myth that you must have heard but is absolutely non-sensical.


disabled dating
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