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Date Online and Have Fun

Date Online and Have Fun

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Date Online and Have Fun

All people that are online are there probably
after a long day of work or probably not, but for
sure are there to relax and have a great time.

I am not saying those are not looking for a
partner, but as you are going in a bar on online
dating sites you are looking for easy, positive
discussions and fun as it is possible.

Being positive, relaxed and confident will
attract people and will make them to keep talking
with you. So forget about your problems and
concentrate on things that make you feel good. 🙂

Some people out there are not very happy and you
could meet some of them which will start to tell
you all the problems they have.

Distract the one you are talking online from the
negative discussion and make him/her to laugh.
Telling good jokes is the best way to do this and
is easier for you, so learn some if you are not
that joker tip of guy.

If you are seeing that they are persisting to be
pessimist and keep telling you how unhappy the
life can be, just say: “Goodbye” and don’t let
them to put you too in a bad mood.

One of the advantages of online disabled dating is that
you can change your “partner” more than once
during one evening. I am not telling you to do
this for no reason, but until you find someone
who can make you enjoy that evening and not waste
your time.

After you meet a person compatible you can take
your discussion to another level, more private
but still funny and relaxed. You even can talk
about important things, about your families, your
goals in life or even about your future children –
not being to serious about that 🙂

The idea is to be positive in all what you are
telling and do not rush things. The best
relationships are developing in time. Without you
realize, talking with someone daily you two will
become closer and closer and a date face to face
will become something normal.

So enjoy online disabled dating and the facilities it is
offering you.

Reverse of named carte de visite, dated June 1900
Image by whatsthatpicture
Help transcribing this would be much appreciated.

I believe it reads something like:
Juni 1900
Gerardina Kendritia
Johanna Jansen

Bought in The Netherlands but no studio mark.


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