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Curing Cyber-Sex Infidelity

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Curing Cyber-Sex Infidelity

Studies show that about 60% of married men cheat at least once in their marriage and about 40% of women are unfaithful, too.

Both men and women are very capable of being unfaithful in marriage even though society perceives men to be the sex that cheats; this stereotype is not true, though – both men and women are unfaithful in marriage.

Some psychologists even predict that the number of women who are unfaithful in marriage is far higher. Reasons given are that women are not as prone to being caught and men are more honest about it when confronted. So, what really causes a spouse to become unfaithful?

Although unknown for sure, it is safe to say that ever since we have had marriage, we have also had adultery. It is not a likely thing to want to admit but adultery dates back to biblical times.

For example, Jesus went to the Mount of Olives and spoke about a woman who had sex without marriage. Adultery was then punishable by stoning to death. Jesus told the accusers, “Let the person without sin throw the first stone.” Since the discovery of social networking sites, disabled dating sites and chat rooms, being unfaithful in marriage – especially through the Internet – has skyrocketed despite Biblical admonitions against it.

Such websites as The Ashley Madison Agency have even turned to making a profit from those who become unfaithful in their marriage. The website is solely designed for those married spouses who are seeking to become unfaithful in their marriage.

Consider this fact reported last year at a convention of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers: Two-thirds of attorneys surveyed said the Internet played a significant role in the termination of marriage in the prior 12 months with excessive interest in online porn contributing to more than half of such cases. As discussed below, many of these instances were uncovered through spy software.

Interestingly enough, this subject has also spawned a new type of software – spy software. Spy software is not spyware! Since it is becoming increasingly difficult to find out whether your spouse has been, or is being, unfaithful, especially through the secrecy of the web, “significant others” use spy software more and more to uncover the truth about their relationships.

Marriage partners are employing spy software to check on the spouse they are suspicious about through the computer.

Studies show most of the time a spouse will begin unfaithfulness on the family computer and that is why spy software is so potent!

The difficulty arises when a spouse starts using a business computer or laptop to abandon their marriage. There is plenty of software on the market for this though, but one brand of spy software that surpasses all of the competition is that of Awareness Technologies of Marina del Rey, California.

The key to spy software is to choose one that monitor’s everything your spouse does. The Awareness spy software uniquely monitors Instant Messages, email, desktop activity, websites, and even logs all keystrokes. Spy software is easy to install and in the case of WebWatcher or SONAR, easy to monitor.

Suspecting that your spouse is cheating is a feeling that you do not want to admit, but it is also something that you do not want to disregard, either. Marriage is based on trust and loyalty and while you may only suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful, you have to trust your instincts and verify it with products such as Awareness Technologies’ spy software – if for no other reason than to maintain your sanity.

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