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Crystal Cathedral

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Crystal Cathedral

With a congregation of over 10, 000 members, Crystal Cathedral Ministries is the host of the internationally televised show entitled “Hour of Power.” Taking its domicile at Garden Grove in California, Dr. Robert Schuller is the one who oversees the entire condition of the organization especially when it comes to their spiritual nourishment. It was in 1955 when he founded the Reformed Church in the United States. He first rented the Orange Drive-In Theater where Sunday services were conducted at the roof of the snack bar. They progressed over the years driven by the desire to build their own cathedral. Presently, it is now an internationally acclaimed landmark.

Dr. Schuller was certain that all throughout his lifetime, he wanted to become a minister. It was fulfilled after he received his diploma upon finishing Bachelor of Arts degree from Hope College as well as a Master of Divinity Degree from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. Not long after he was ordained as a pastor where he initially based in Ivanhoe, Chicago for five years. In the course of his service, their former number of attendees of 38 grew to about 500. He then left and transferred to establish the Crystal Cathedral Ministries. Currently, aside from being the elder, he is also a renowned author of more than thirty books, five of which have been listed as New York Times bestseller.

Crystal Cathedral Ministries gather every single week to hear inspiring music as well as being fed with uplifting message. There are school classes that are open for all ages where different set of demographic can effectively interact with each other. There is also the lively Hispanic session from 1:00pm to 6:30pm on Sundays. To cater to the young adults, they have launched The Gathering which is a worship experience that meets at 7:00pm on Sundays in the Welcoming Center of the cathedral. Since they also have associates in other foreign regions, they have used the broadcast medium to continually reach out. They have the weekly airing of the “Hour of Power.” It is now on its 35th year and recognized as the fourth longest running program in the history of television. In California, it can be seen on Lifetime Channel at 8:00am, KCOP Channel 13 at 8:00am, Discovery Channel at 7:00am and TBN Channel at 6:00pm.

Dating back to the period it was founded, Crystal Cathedral Ministries has always been centered on Jesus Christ. Positive attitudes are cultivated and good people just become better. By 1968, they were inspired to begin a program called New Hope. It is the United States’ first church- sponsored, 24- hour live communication suicide and crisis avoidance and counseling service. Over the years, they have trained people to excel in field of performing arts. They have been committed to foster developments in the music and dance through their onsite K-12 private institution.

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