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Copenhagen Tobacco

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Copenhagen Tobacco

Dating back to 1822, Copenhagen tobacco is the first-ever and oldest brand of moist smokeless or dipping tobacco, made from finely grounded tobacco that comes mostly in three textures; the long cut, fine cut, and mid-cut. Generally it is obtainable in 1.2 ounce tins, but another assortment in pouches is also available.

A dipping tobacco like Copenhagen tobacco should not be confused with chewing tobacco, as they are not the similar. Chewing tobacco can be much compared to chewing gum, while dipping tobacco is not chewed but placed in between the gum and lip, or the gum and cheek. Copenhagen tobacco is also popular for its freshness, through a “made-date” stamped underneath every can, and for its distinctive features of fiberboard can and customary metal lid.

So how did all this “dipping” come about? It was started by George Weyman, also the creator of the Copenhagen snuff, way back 1822 in Pittsburgh when he opened a tobacco shop. The tobacco shop of Weyman was among those few businesses that survived the great fire of Pittsburgh in April of 1845. By 1850, the manufacturing of tobacco in Weyman’s shop attained ,000 every year, and almost two decades after, George Weyman handed over the shop’s management to his two sons, William and Benjamin. After the death of their father in 1870, the two brothers officially took on the name of Weyman & Bro for the company.

Like any other forms of snuff, there are various styles and flavors of Copenhagen tobacco as well; the current products existing include Copenhagen Snuff, Copenhagen Black, Copenhagen Long Cut, Copenhagen Pouches, and Copenhagen Long Cut Straight. For the genuine natural tobacco taste, the original long cut and fine cut will give that flavor; the similar renowned quality is also found in Copenhagen black, which is a mid-cut with bourbon flavor; and of course the long cut straight introduced in February of 2006, which features a natural, smooth straight flavor.

In 2002, the Copenhagen pouches was introduced, offering a rich, top-quality tobacco which came in moist pouches, three times bigger than that of the foremost pouch product, and enabled adult customers to take pleasure in authentic Copenhagen in a convenient, satisfying, and neat way.

Through generations of advancements, Copenhagen tobacco today, is still the best-selling and most genuine product for its category, having retail sales beyond one billion. The loyal adult customers have made Copenhagen tobacco’s unique taste and high quality a part of their daily life style.

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