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Channel 4 Disabled Dating – Drama Series to Set your Minds Free from your Inhibitions!

Channel 4 Disabled Dating – Drama Series to Set your Minds Free from your Inhibitions!

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Real life is no bed of roses for all and sundry. There are innumerable people dealing with physical challenges day-in-day-out. Do you know what’s sad? There are often reckoned as undateable! If that wasn’t enough heart-wrenching, disabled people are morally torn and consider themselves unfit for any date or love in life. I personally bump into a lot of concerns similar. Instances where either the sufferer, parents or near and dear ones hurl questions at me, asking for ways to help people oversee what’s weak in you. Really? I feel totally bummed while answering these questions. Why keep your weaknesses under wraps or be ashamed of it? It is confidence that brings the spark and makes you enchanting. A personality that shows-off charisma is surely difficult to ignore. Cast a spell by being what you are and not by shutting all doors from happiness. Loneliness is like slow poison. Kiss it goodbye today!

Are you still looking for a bit of inspiration? Go watch the all new series of channel 4 disabled dating! It is incredibly a big hit show that has touched hearts of millions. I will give you a real short overview of what this documentary is all about.

Overview that spells a lot!

Channel 4 disabled dating is a ground-breaking documentary, backed up by a story that heart-warming. Not one but eight disabled people are roped into the story line. The show focuses on their journey to find love after signing up in a famous dating agency. Here’s a quick glimpse of the cardinal characters in the show:

  1. Carolyne – She is suffering from paralysis due to chest down.
  2. Richard – Putting up with Asperger’s.
  3. Justin – Neurofibromatosis is his condition.
  4. Sam – Dealing with Down’s syndrome.
  5. Haydn – A 3 ft tall man taken down by Crouzon syndrome.
  6. Luke – Tourette syndrome.
  7. Penny – Wheelchair driven
  8. Shaine – Suffering from the most bugging learning disability.

The series follow highlighting the journey of singletons as they truck on with their matchmaking interests. From hopping out on blind dates to picking the speedy matches, the show revolves around the lives of these unfortunate lads. No wonder, many people have expressed their disgust for the show. It simply amplifies the pain and struggle one’s already going through after losing a limb or dealing with menacing disabilities. The show does not quite mark the grade. However, if you are looking for a little inspiration to kick-start and make a move to crack open the shell you’ve been crafting around yourself, the show can be a worth a watch.

Always remember, disability is not a fault of yours. However, hiding the spark in you is what you will be blamed for. Love is for all and it’s undeniably a blessing. Online dating opens up a series of opportunities for you. Give it a shot and kiss goodbye to loneliness forever. If not a good date or a lover, at-least you will be making a few friends or acquaintances who won’t be undesirably sympathetic towards you.


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