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Being Disabled and Dating – Problem is in Your Head! Your Heart Works Real Fine!

Being Disabled and Dating – Problem is in Your Head! Your Heart Works Real Fine!

disabled dating

Being disabled and dating – although common these days, the concept still springs up as a surprise for many. Are you wondering how do I know about it? Well, thanks to the tons of mails my inbox is flooded with. Is it really possible? Do you think it’s advisable to let people with weaknesses do dates? Worried parents, concerned friends and worse, at times the targeted disabled person – they all write to me!

Ofcourse you should make a run for life. Certainly not running a marathon but there’s nothing good about holding back from a good normal life. If dating sounds run-of-the-mill for Tom, Dick and Harry, why should you restrain yourself from that beautiful feeling of falling in love or experiencing absolute craziness?

Luckily, the internet today is a savior. Dating couldn’t be any easier if it wasn’t for those innumerable online dating websites. Being disabled and dating is no challenge as well just in case you were wondering! There are tons of sites exclusively designed to bring people with weaknesses together under one roof. A place where sharing your hearts out won’t make the other person sympathize. Rather, understanding and knowing you as a person and not a disabled patient plays a key role. Call it a heart booster or brain opener, dating sites for the disabled cuts all grades without a shadow of doubt.

Do you know what is the most bugging question I have ever come across? Don’t get mad if you were the anonymous one posting it in an email! Well, is romance or friendship achievable if I am always sitting on a wheelchair or seeking medication every hour? Well frankly, that’s health problem and not something to do with your heart and mind. Unfortunately, the social stigmas are pretty countless in numbers. Probably a reason why questions like these still pop up in the minds of many! You know what I call it? Sheer weakness! Confidence is all it takes to win hearts. If you have it, overshadowing your weaknesses won’t be necessary. It will naturally be overpowered with the charisma and confidence oozing out of you.

Bring your X factor on boards. Show off some cool brashness and enjoy having a fan base of your own. Dating will then be a piece of pie. Don’t believe? Why don’t you try it right-away? Just log onto a popular dating site for the disabled, register yourself and get started. It’s simpler and rather a safer way to kick-start regular dating. Are you curious to know why? Well,

First, you get to kiss goodbye to the chances of putting up with heartbreaks right-away!

Second, all of chatting and dating gives you time to analyze and know a person as much as you possibly can. Do some background check if you are really that head over heels for the guy or girl you’ve just conversed with on a dating site!

Third, there are ample options to pick from. Really, which college or grad school lets you be close to hundreds of girls and guys? Not any for sure! Thankfully, the dating sites do! So what things have turned upside down with someone you were really interested in? There are hundreds of other potential daters in que. Someone will surely cast a spell on you. So buck up and get ready for a beautiful change!


disabled dating
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