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A Smile Can Take You Far

A Smile Can Take You Far

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A Smile Can Take You Far

Some disabled dating manners
When it is time to meet in the real life it usually feels a little nervous. But when people get prepared everything usually gets a little easier. The following articles I am going to publish here are some thing I believe people should have in mind when they are taking the next step in Internet Dating. Meet in real life that is.
Smiles can take you far!
Seek eye contact. You just Can’t say this to often. Then be brave enough to keep up the eye contact a few extra seconds so the other person can get a confirmation that you where looking at him/her and didn’t just took a look around. When you eventually have let down the eye contact you really should try to pick it up again a few seconds later to show the other person that you are looking for a serious flirt. This is where the smile comes in hand. If the other person that you are now flirting with is looking at you to and if you are not smiling you are not very wise. A smile in this situation is probably better then buying her ten drinks in the bar 😉
Next step is probably the most critical and daring. It is to be brave enough to take the first step. Usually it’s enough to just say Hi to get a nice conversation started. But my advice is to be on the safe side. Prepare yourself with 2-3 questions or comment and maybe finishing comment if the situation should make you feel uncomfortable so you can excuse yourself and walk away, maybe to come back later to go for it again.
Ted Ljungqvist
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